Wednesday, March 5, 2014

onwards to spring! after a long long long winter
intro music
 - Thank You ! (live) by Shuya Okino & Navasha

& Alison Hinds

A New Year,  with a New House 
 (bigger for the  growing kids & dog), 
a New Season, Lots of Snow , Lots of 
work, adjustment & unpacking-  but it's All Good!  
& We're Thankful! 


Mindfulness Moments 

The Heart of Mindfulness


Interesting Events & Articles 

 Caribbean Contribution to Black History

The Maryland Home and Garden Show

 Best Planting Dates for Seeds & handy guide

 BPA Levels Higher in Men With Prostate Cancer: Study

 Caribbean-American John Crow tapped as honoree
for Queens Borough President Melinda Katz’s first
 Black History celebration

 Caribbean-born music great Hazel Scott gets her props online and in print

Event -Derek Walcott - Crown Heights Brooklyn May 28th

Spring style  - New York Times Harlem Style 


Children's Literature 

 Award-winning play studio helps kids, parents beat winter blues

 Winter Storm Survival with Books for Young Children

 The Top 10 Children's Books

music - by ronnie laws


Literature (adult)

Poet of the Caribbean!

 Three T&T authors among OCM Bocas Prize finalists

 "Fear of a Black Nation" by Jamaica’s David Austin wins
 Casa Award for Caribbean Literature

fr. Global voices.. Caribbean Literature Festivals Up Their Author Ante


The Arts

 Carnival’s Essence in Black and White (fr. the New York Times)

'Plantation to Nation' seeks to explore museums' role in national identity

 Looted, but Not Lost: An African Artist’s Life Work

Young Framingham Illustrator wins international prize

the History  of Sissieretta Jones


Culinary Articles & Recipes

How to make an Ethiopian vegetarian feast

 Vegetarian fritters recipe: How to cook leek,
 ginger and cabbage fritters with soy sauce

Vegetable Khichdi Recipe For Kids


Culinary Ideas (mine)

veggie chickn , homemade cranberry relish


homemade pickle relish


soup with dumplings! .. I've made lots of it this winter
while learning my new kitchen

coconut milk, spices & herbs, pumpkin,
assorted veggies, veggie broth, veggie chickn,
carrots,  homemade dumplings - so delicious!.

great for small hands (kids) /let cool first

(used old fashion pepper-steak recipe
with new ingredients)
veggie gardein & brocc!


easy delicious chili over  salad



spinach, mushroom cheddar egg pie/quiche


 persimmon & berries


aloo / potato curry  parathas

...can be nice treat in moderation! 




(Spring Solstice Mix 2014)
grown folks / global ...

Gregory Porter

a classic by dominique lorte

do your thing! Jocelyne 

 Warren Ft. Fanny J

Tania St. Val

stefan filey  

Herve Samb


 Sona Jobarteh

Action Figure Party

Fm Laeti

Fay Ann

Janelle Monae


Sara Tavares

Band Black Rio 


cody chestnutt

marian mereba

aloe blacc 

 jimmy sommers & vikter duplaix

alice smith

pj morton & tweet 

christina dottin

kofi/carol vieria (lover's rock)
check out the album 

stephanie mckay & dj spinna

 jocelyn & dominique

Magnum Band & Tanya

 the delectable magnum & pres. sweet mickey jamming

Ahmed Sirour & Cleveland P. Jones

 closing tunes by  hazel scott
f. diawara

fay 0 la!

more to come! until next 
entry ...Walk Good!  - nyvette

We're ready for you Spring!
more music by  the Kabaka Band 
&    song-  shine on!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

september 2013


Ahh September!

I am so Thankful to see this Month come around again!
I love the seasons changing!
It's School time.. when Transitioning  My Son-Junie, years ago
to school was a piece of cake (He's almost 7 years old now) was easy..but lately?
transitioning my Daughter to go to  school very very different! She's 4 & She only
goes to day care/school half a day.& I do think it's good that
She hangs out a little with with her peers and learns the ropes
of being in a classroom situation because She will be going to "real school" soon enough!

but? Hadiyyah has her own way ! She has her Father wrapped around her pinky
finger & She likes hitting the road with Me in my hoopty instead of going to school a little too much!
We were losing daycare/school fees on her - She'd go, but then I'd have to pick her up very early
because She wasn't having it for a half of day .On  some days yes other days?
it's  No.She'd rather stay home!
She's rather hit the malls with me or go to the library or 
the park or with me on  bank runs & off to the cafes for lattes...
( lol) but? It's hard to be a little girl 
in this world & I'm learning. My little truant / Roadie /Hadi definately has her own ways!
Her personality is much different than her Older Brother. We'll see how it goes.


here's a few musical selections this month by

viviane n'dour

roy hargrove

la india & huey

the baron!

mindfulness moment

 Mindfulness Training Improves Attention in Children

interesting articles & events

it's national hispanic heritage month!

it's time for the Baltimore Book Festival

Fall events in Howard County

Sesame Street.Org  - games

 literary news 

diane browne literature!

 jamaican patois puzzle books
culinary inspirations & articles

The New York Times - easing into fall
taking eggplant with you!

10 Comforting Soup Recipes

culinary ideas mine!






I am still updating for this month....later
- more to come!
Until next entry walk good! ~ Nadine

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the last drop of summer

...Our demanding Children are forcing us to ENJOY this summer's theme parks, to go camping and to county fairs, We are being forced to visit Their Relatives,  to have way  too many cookouts, to  travel on trips to the local wear sandals all the time, and We have been forced to make frequent trips to the frozen yogurt joint ' up the road --all before school back starts up !'s been real torture!!!!!! such torture I tell you.......


- until next entry, walk good   :)     peace nadine

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Enjoying Lots of  Family Time & the Spring!
Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms! I thoroughly enjoyed
mine! June is Caribbean Heritage Month, there are Weddings,
Graduations to attend, and  Summers Solstice ' is fast approaching _ 
so? Time to hit the amusement parks, the  nature trails,  museums &
summer fairs with My Kids!
My Mother in Law is coming to visit! & 
I know that  together We'll have a blast!

intro tune by vivaldi

Mindfulness moment

Mindfulness and Natures Purposeful Pause


Interesting articles and events

How to Pick the Right Summer Camp for Kids 

 in Atlanta Caribbean  Heritage month

 Explaining Tragedy to Our Children

Teacher, funeral director share intimate view of tornado tragedy


The Arts

Epic' and other animated films become great educators

 Caribbean Heritage Month & The dc filmm festival

ARC magazine  



 Wadadli Pen

 Edwidge Danticat Awarded Grand Prize for Literature from the Association of Caribbean Writers




Culinary Articles

 Public School 244 In Queens Adopts All-Vegetarian Menu, Becomes The First In NYC To Do So

A Warm, Messy Take on Meatless

 Vegetarian cooking no longer on the culinary fringe


Culinary Ideas (Mine!)

practicing for summer! 










make time to 
enjoy the changing seasons! 

Until next entry, Walk Good! -Nyvette 1luv